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Discover FXBX's premium liquidity providers for your forex brokerage needs.

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We offer access to a select group of high-quality liquidity providers, ensuring fast trades, accurate pricing, and flexibility that scales with your needs.

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Discover our premium liquidity partners to take your forex brokerage to the next level.


Find answers to common inquiries about forex regulations and legal challenges, and discover how FXBX can provide solutions.

What liquidity solutions do you provide to traders?

To enhance liquidity management and trade execution, FXBX provides you access to deep liquidity pools and tailored solutions. These solutions cater to STP brokers and liquidity providers, offering efficient and reliable liquidity management that optimizes trading opportunities.

How does FXBX ensure the quality of its liquidity providers?

We evaluate providers based on licenses held, pricing competitiveness, stability of price feed, transaction volume capacity, and payment methods.

Does FXBX work with multiple liquidity providers?

Yes, we maintain a portfolio of diverse liquidity providers to offer flexible and optimized solutions for smaller brokers.

How does FXBX's liquidity solutions help in risk management?

Our solutions offer a balanced blend of providers, ensuring diversified risk exposure and better protection against market volatility.